Why I went from seeing an OB-GYN at a hospital to a home birth with a midwife

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I don’t go around parading that I had a home birth to new moms I meet. However, occasionally, the subject comes up. I know it’s an uncomfortable topic for some people because there seems to be this whole natural vs. medicalized labor world. I don’t share my beliefs to put anyone down–it’s simply to share the journey I made. I went from knowing nothing about labor to researching day and night for 6 months. I feel that there are many assumptions made in the general public about the way labor is “supposed to be” and much of this information is not necessarily true.

I made this video to explain how and why I went from deciding with my husband to have a home birth. I am a little weird and into counter culture, but our decision was a clear, educated decision about the well-being of our family. We try our best to live holistically, to be mindful of our air, water, and food. We believe our bodies to be just like plants and that if we do good things to nourish our bodies and mind, that we will have healthier lives. From all the research I did, I found that a home birth with midwives we interviewed, was better for my body and mind. I took into account the positive aspects of a natural vaginal labor, my mental health and risk for postpartum depression (because of family history of depression and bi-polar), and also the experience for my new baby. Below is a 30 minute video explaining from A-Z how we came to the conclusion and what our experience was like.

Here are some research articles, books, documentaries, and various links. There’s actually a ton more research but here is just some of the links I’ve compiled for this blog post:

Orgasmic Birth Documentary→ Orgasmic Birth

Hypnobabies→ Hypnobabies Website

Maternal Death Rate in U.S. vs other countries→Washington Post Article
CIA Govt Statistics of Maternal Death Worldwide

Interventions during labor that can lead to a higher chance of C-section as well as info about c-section, forceps, and other procedures that have life long effects on the female body→ Childbirth Connections Article

C-section, Birth Trauma and links to PPD or PTSD→ VBAC.com Article

PTSD & Traumatic labor →“Maternity-care providers say the increase in the number of medical obstetric procedures in labor and delivery, like Caesarean sections and premature births, could be contributing to PTSD.” Wallstreet Journal Article

Gut Bacteria from the Birth Canal via Vaginal Delivery → Science Nordic Article

Medical News Today Article

Sexual trauma linked to difficulty in labor→ National Institutes of Health Research, Our Bodies Ourselves Article
Labor and food during labor→Dr. Sears ARticle
But in hospitals they have outdate policies because of liability that require laboring mothers to not eat→WebMD

Ina May’s Guidebook to Childbirth→ Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth


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