Rebozo your way into an easier pregnancy, labor, and postpartum

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Do you know what a rebozo is?

The first time I heard “rebozo” was when I was several hours 10 cm dilated and my baby’s heart rate kept going down with every push. Sounds scary, I know. Thankfully, I was under deep relaxation with hypnobabies and had a strong birth team that had tools to help baby come out safely .  The rebozo came into play when baby was having a hard time navigating the birth canal in a posterior position. His size, my size…not sure what it was, but he sure didn’t like being pushed down in the position he was in.

rebozo during labor

photo by lehua noelle

So, during my labor, my doula and husband took turns sifting my belly. You can read more about the techniques that can be used with a rebozo during labor here.

The rebozo was one of several tools that helped save me from a c-section.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s certainly a time and place for cesareans. In my case, baby just did not like being pushed out in the position he was in. Depending on your birthing practitioner, they may or may not be willing or trained to help baby reposition. If your goal is a natural, vaginal birth, consider hiring a doula or midwife that knows how to rebozo or reposition baby during labor.

Please note the following words of caution from

When NOT to do the Rebozo

Done gently there is no danger. Done vigorously with abandon to caution then there are times you shouldn’t do it. Done correctly, a useful rebozo session in pregnancy is moderately vigorous, but WITH caution and sensitivity to the mother and baby! The helper’s slightly bent (soft) knees help them perceive the connection between the rebozo and the mother’s body more sensitively than if the helper’s knees are straight.

Here are a few more ways the rebozo can be used:

During pregnancy, use the rebozo to help relieve tension and belly bind.

Postpartum, you can wrap baby up, using any normal baby wrapping method that can be found on sites like this.

mexican rebozo

mexican rebozo babywearing


Pregnancy, labor, and your postpartum time can be much more enjoyable with the right tools. Try out the rebozo as it can be used for so many purposes!

Please note: Information shared in this post or on this site is not meant to give you a false sense of security that you can prevent medical interventions when they are necessary. My only aim is to show you that labor is a very nuanced subject. Depending on the knowledge and training of your birthing practitioner, they may or may not have the tools to help you birth without a ton of medical interventions. If your goal’s to have a natural labor vaginally, educate yourself. Know your options. Surround yourself with knowledgable people you can trust! Hire a birthing practitioner that wants to help you birth the way you want to. 


Keep in mind that some things are just out of our control …and if things don’t go as planned, don’t freak out. Learn to ride the wave. Labor is just the beginning! No matter how your labor goes, it’s all about the baby you get to meet at the end! 

Newborn baby

I’ll never forget this moment of relief.

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