Placenta What?

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The placenta is what feeds us as little baby beings inside the womb. It is full of nutrition and most mammals, with the exception of some marine animals and some domestically raised ones, eat their placenta after giving birth.

I had my placenta encapsulated by Ashlee of Abundant Life Doula Services, the nurse that worked at my midwifery, South Coast Midwifery.

What are some benefits? It is reported that they can increase breast milk production, increase iron levels, provide natural pain relief, balance hormone levels, replace lost vitamins, minerals, protein, provide oxytocin, and so on. Read more at the links below:

Abundant Life Encapsulation Info

Placenta Benefits

I got my pills 2 days post partum. I started by taking 2 pills with a glass of water. I noticed the pills affected me within 15 minutes. They gave me a clear mind. The sensation felt like a cloud disappeared in my head. I’m sensitive to bodily changes and during my post partum period, I felt drained, fatigued, and my thoughts were a bit hazy. I distinctly remember taking my first set of pills and feeling quite a bit of relief from them. In addition, my milk came in just fine after 2-3 days and I didn’t have any baby blues. (The whole reason why I made the investment into placenta pills was because I was medically diagnosed with depression many years prior and I wanted to do everything I could to help prevent postpartum depression).

I’ve never given birth without taking placenta pills so I can’t attribute breastfeeding success and head clarity to the pills alone. However, I think it’s  worth the investment to see if they will help you. I read one story (one story out of tons of positive ones) that placenta pills made a mother feel physically horrible. In that case, it’s certainly wise to stop taking them. However, if you notice they make you feel good, then they were an investment made well. Personally, I truly believe they preserved my sanity and health in those challenging first few weeks!

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