Introducing Ashley Annis and Fertility Awareness

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If you’re like me, you might hear the title “fertility awareness educator” and go “wahhhh?” As adults we know about the birds and the bees, and understand there is fertility behind it all so why do we need to be more aware about it?

Well I came in contact with Ashley Annis and all of a sudden it all made sense. Fertility awareness not only helps you track your female hormonal cycles and understand when you’re ovulating, it’s a great natural method of birth control!

So here’s Ashley, and she will be a writer here at Bump into Reality sharing useful content on our lovely lady parts. She shares so many fascinating details that we just don’t learn in high school sex ed. This type of knowledge can empower us to make positive, healthy decisions for our present and future. If you want to take courses from Ashley you can find her website here.

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Ashley Annis

“I’m a certified fertility awareness educator and reproductive health educator and love teaching women about their amazing bodies!  I initially got into the fertility awareness method (FAM) because I was looking for a hormone free birth control alternative.  I knew I didn’t want to be on The Pill, and although no one had ever taught me about effective alternatives, I knew there had to be a better way.  I did a lot of researching and self study and taught myself how to chart my cycle.  I had no idea that my body was only fertile for a small window each cycle!

I had a lot of questions about the method and looked for teachers, but couldn’t really find any.  That’s when I decided that this information was too important for women to go without, and that I needed to become the teacher I was looking for.  I’ve been studying and learning for 3 years now, and love passing on this amazing information.  I teach online and in-person natural birth control classes, and will soon be added conscious conception classes as well.
The more I used the method and understood my body, the more I realized FAM was more than just natural birth control.  I realized it’s a way of life, of thinking, of treating my body.  Now that I understand the natural flow of my hormones and my body, I respect myself more than I ever have.  I love being a woman, having a cycle, and being capable of producing life.  Our fertility is not a curse or a disease that needs to be medicated.  It’s a beautiful, mysterious cycle that can be understood with a little practice.  We can learn to work with our cycle and appreciate it! “
-Ashley Annis, Certified fertility awareness educator and reproductive health educator
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