DIY: Indoor hanging herb garden

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I have this love-hate relationship with DIY projects. On one hand, I love saving money. On the other, the thought of starting a new project with baby at home sounds exhausting! Nonetheless, I read a lot about the health benefits of indoor plants and playing with soil. My home needed some greenery so I figured it was time to turn my black thumb into a green one!

My home lacks space for little planters so I immediately thought of hanging plants. I stopped by the local home improvement store, priced out the wall brackets, hanging baskets, and plants. After a little calculation, I soon realized things could get expensive. So I did a little Google research and stumbled upon some awesome hanging plants.

This beautifully shot tutorial video shows you how to make hanging plants that save a ton of money and look gorgeous:

Hanging Plants from Green Renaissance on Vimeo.

I bought the following to try out this DIY project:

1. Moss
2. Potting Mix
3. Herbs that grow well indoors. I chose herbs because they not only look adorable but can be used for cooking too! Of course, you can use any other indoor plants as well for this project.

Various herbs, organic potting soil, and moss for making hanging plants.

Various herbs, organic potting soil, and moss for making hanging plants.

I had the following at home:
1. Scissors
2. A spray bottle
3. Water
4. Twine

I called a few girlfriends over on a Friday night. While baby slept, we had some wine and made these cool little plants following the video above. It took a few tries before I could really get the twine on well but eventually they worked out great!

Here are some photos of our finished products!

Indoor herb garden with hanging plants

IMG_1308mint hanging plants

They were so fun and easy to make. My son loves them too!

Note: Make sure you hang them in an area of the house that gets 3-6 hours of sun. To water, soak them in water for 2 minutes once a week and rehang.

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