Important Items to take to the beach with a baby

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:::This post was written in response  to question from Bumpintoreality reader, Isabel. She asked me what my true essentials for the beach were. So here’s my response post!:::

I was born and raised in Southern California so the beach is my 2nd home. Now that I have a baby, there are just a few more items to throw into the beach bag. Summer came early with 90° weather this March, so here’s what I took to the beach this past weekend (top left going clockwise):

Baby beach must haves by bumpintoreality

1. SNACKS! I love snacking and some of my favorite on-the-go snacks these days for baby and me are: freeze dried fruits, trail mix, plantain chips, cucumbers, larabars and any fruits.

2. WATER! I know, it’s an obvious one, but SO important. The sun will just suck the life out of you if you’re not careful. I’m super into different types of mineral waters these days and this volcanic mineral water from Mother’s Market is very hydrating.

3. Some sort of diaper wipe. If you use disposable wipes you would probably take those. I try my best to minimize waste so I use OsoCozy Unbleached Birdseye Flat Diapers as wipes, diapers, bibs, a sheet to layout, and so on. I pair that with California Baby Diaper Area Wash mixed with some water for cleansing.

4. Extra clothing. This is my must-have with baby no matter where I go. At the beach, I like to make sure baby has a long sleeve for sun protection when necessary. Extra warm clothing is also important as temperatures can drop quickly after sunset.

5. Diapers and a wetbag. My favorite diapers in my stash are Best Bottom Cloth Diapers. They’re great to use on the go because the liners are trim, the covers can be reused if not soiled, and all in all are great quality. I usually have 2-3 covers and however many liners I need for the day. I don’t have my wetbag pictured but I use a Bummis Wet Diaper Bag for soiled diapers.

6. A sun hat. There is no 1,000 SPF sunblock that can protect you from the rays of our powerful sun like shade can.

7. Bathing suit. My favorite bathing suit for my son is simply the SoftBums Omni One Size Cloth Diaper. I put the diaper cover on him without any inserts. The fleece liner is soft on his skin and the adjustable lining lets the diaper grow with him. I personally have not had good experiences with this diaper during day time use so it works well as a swim suit. Just remember if you use a cloth diaper as a swim suit, the liner should be taken out in order to prevent weighing the baby down from extra water.

8. A source for shade. This is my son’s play tent at home and we used it at the beach. If you’re going to be at the beach for longer than 30 minutes, it’s wise to find shade, install a canopy, or set up a small tent if the beach allows it. It is best to avoid being at the beach uncovered when the sun is directly overhead. I personally don’t use sunblock when possible and try to utilize shade as a way to prevent sun damage. The littlest babies really should not be in any strong sunlight without shade ever. My son is now 13 months and his skin has gotten gradually used to being out in the sun. I know he can withstand about 20-30 minutes of the sun around 3pm if he’s only in his swimsuit. I prefer to wait until the sun is starting to gradually set so the rays are not as strong. After 30 minutes is up, I have him play in the shade or in the tent until the sun sets.

We were at the beach for a whopping 7 hours without a single fuss. He had the time of his life! I expected him to get cranky after a while but his play tent helped a ton. Whenever he became overwhelmed by all the stimulation, he went into the tent to rest and get away for a little while. We had a great day at the beach and expect many more in the future!

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