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I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do and my sister’s about to arrive in 6 hours from Chicago with my adorable little nephew. However, I had this grand idea that I should start a blog….right now. So here it is.

I’m 30 weeks pregnant and my baby shower is tomorrow. It’s strange to face the reality that I’m in my 3rd trimester. I always imagined women in their 3rd trimester to be full of anxiety, just waiting to pop. I guess I’m sort of like that…except it’s different from this point of view. I actually feel really happy, excited, and am taking in each day as it comes. Lord knows I’ve only got several more weeks of this still, quiet house.

A little about me

  • I just turned 26 years old last month
  • This is my first pregnancy, and I got pregnant…a lot sooner than I expected to.
  • 8 months ago I believed that all labors were this scary ER moment where the wife is cursing at the husband and everyones running around frantically
  • Professionally, I’m a fine artist, graphic artist, and marketing specialist.
  • I started this blog because I got a really absurd bill for $2,000 from the hospital I chose to not go to anymore…a bill I could have avoided had I known a little more about the pregnancy process.
  • I never imagined I would get married, have a house, and a baby. I have all three now.
  • My favorite color in elementary school was periwinkle—mainly because I thought it was such a cool name for a color.
  • I hope to have an old english sheepdog and/or chow chow one day…along with a nice farm
  • I have a black thumb—meaning I kill every green plant I come in contact with. So…someone else will have to tend my farm.
  • I hope I can share some of my experiences as a first time mom in order to help other newbs.

How my pregnancy feels at 30 Weeks

It’s funny how each week seems to bring a new side effect of pregnancy. This week, my body is really starting to ache from all the weight gain. I have now officially gained 29 horrid pounds.  Well, I shouldn’t say HORRID. I should say beautiful because my baby is a gift. However this whole weight gain thing for women during pregnancy is no joke. I never even thought about it, but it’s really not easy mentally and emotionally.  The other night I grabbed my ass randomly for the first time in 9 months. I freaked out for a good 5 minutes. My ass feels like Jabba the Hutt is permanently attached to my rear end. It’s not easy getting bigger and letting go of all of my disgusting, media induced beliefs that skinnier is beautiful. Oddly enough, pregnancy and weight gain was quite a process for me. But looking back it was a healthy one. After all, I’m looking a lot more like the Venus of Willendorf so perhaps my bigger body is now more of a timeless beauty.

To help support my body, I sleep surrounded by a fort of pillows every night: 1 big Snoogle body pillow, 1 buckwheat pillow, 1 temper-pedic pillow, 1 large decor pillow, and finally 1 regular  pillow for my head. It is a pain in the butt to get out of my fort and walk to the restroom…because of course since I’m pregnant I have to go at least 2-3 times a night.Well then, back to house chores. Can’t wait to keep posting. I’ve got to share about how we decided to deliver with a midwife, utilize hypnobabies, how my armpit hairs stopped growing, and much much more.

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Mindy Song is a mother of one, a video artist, and musician from Orange, CA. She is an advocate of social justice with interests in globalization, socio-economics, and the history of women’s rights in developing nations. By day she is a marketing specialist for a dental imaging company, milk pumper, and wannabe supermom. By night she is an asian fusion chef, art critic, and blogger.
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