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Mission: To help families lead healthier, more environmentally 
conscious lives by providing access to up-to-date research, 
resources, and community.




why Bump Into Reality began

Three years ago, Mindy believed all labors included a rush to the ER, tears, f-bombs, and epidurals. Medical mishaps during her pregnancy led to investigative research of standard pregnancy and labor care around the world. Oddly enough, after months of research, she decided a home birth with the assistance of a local midwifery and Hypnobabies would be the safest route of labor for her family. The result was a comfortable, safe, and happy home birth. After sharing the same stories over and over to friends and family, she began to catalogue her journey on a blog.

Read her birthing story here.


Disclaimer: This blog’s aim is to provide access to progressive and new information. The posts are personal views and do not intend to provide medical advice or recommendations for individuals.



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