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Mission: To help families lead healthier, more environmentally 
conscious lives by providing access to up-to-date research, 
resources, and community.




about the founder

Mindy Song is an artist, musician, and marketing director in the medical field. Her travels across North America, South America, Asia, and Europe, helped shape her strong interests in globalization, socio-economics, and women’s rights. As a former programs director and executive board member at the YWCA of North Orange County, she learned that social justice advocacy is crucial to the success of communities as a whole. For the past 4 years she worked in the medical industry and currently serves as marketing director for SOTA Imaging.

Mindy is also a classically trained musician and fine artist. She graduated from the Orange County School of Arts and Biola University with a BFA and minor in biblical studies. She runs Dymin Collective and is in the band Wam Dingis.

why Bump Into Reality began

Three years ago, Mindy believed all labors included a rush to the ER, tears, f-bombs, and epidurals. Medical mishaps during her pregnancy led to investigative research of standard pregnancy and labor care around the world. Oddly enough, after months of research, she decided a home birth with the assistance of a local midwifery and Hypnobabies would be the safest route of labor for her family. The result was a comfortable, safe, and happy home birth. After sharing the same stories over and over to friends and family, she began to catalogue her journey on a blog.

With the current political, economic, and environmental climate, she hopes to share useful, balanced, progressive information that helps empower parents to make more informed decisions. She believes that the current purchasing habits of average new parent in the  U.S. is harmful to the environment and unsustainable. The blog shares access to practical information that help families raise more environmentally conscious families.

Read her birthing story here.


Disclaimer: This blog’s aim is to provide access to progressive and new information. The posts are personal views and do not intend to provide medical advice or recommendations for individuals.



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