Learning to Parent

Here's my journey as I attempt to raise a more environmentally and socially conscious family.

Finishing up some deadlines and and working in the kitchen with my toddler in the ergo because he wanted "up! up! up!"

I Hate Motherhood Sometimes

“I f***ing hate this,” I muttered as I struggled to pick up what felt like a hundred random objects all...

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Help Make Your Breastfeeding Experience Painless & Simple With These 12 Tips

A friend of mine recently sent me the following message: “So I’m due next Monday and I’ve been hearing horror...

postpartum healing from natural childbirth

What Helps Postpartum Healing?

Not too many people talk about postpartum care. I guess it’s because the beauty of a newborn baby overshadows talk...

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The Newcott Scoop: Presents past and future

  We had only been engaged for a month and my mother had already managed to register on our behalf...


Why is the rate of ADHD so much higher in U.S. than in France?

Over the past year, I had three different discussions with professionals about ADHD. The first two were with child nutritionists and...

Rebozo your way into an easier pregnancy, labor, and postpartum

Rebozo your way into an easier pregnancy, labor, and postpartum

Do you know what a rebozo is? The first time I heard “rebozo” was when I was several hours 10 cm...

hanging plants indoor garden

DIY: Indoor hanging herb garden

I have this love-hate relationship with DIY projects. On one hand, I love saving money. On the other, the thought...

Baby beach must haves by bumpintoreality

Important Items to take to the beach with a baby

:::This post was written in response  to question from Bumpintoreality reader, Isabel. She asked me what my true essentials for the...

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Olive Is Born

I was determined to have a 100% natural birth. I wanted to be strong enough to refuse an epidural, but...

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Best Bottoms Diaper Review

This is a review of my fave dipes so far! Let me know if you have any questions.